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It was Feb 21st 2009— yes indeed the famous “ভাষা দিবস”. I was in my car in Bellevue WA, tuned into NPR. It was rain­ing like normally you would expect at this time of year. The radio anchor Simon Scott from NPR’s weekend edition was interviewing Greg Anderson and David Harrison the creators of new documentary “The Linguists” who raced to different parts of the world in search of “endangered lan­guages”.  According to the duo,  some 7000 languages will be dying in near future. It striked me hard— I need to do something to make sure I pass on my mother tongue “Bengali” to my offspring. Although Bengali is not close to being endangered, I was feeling claustrophobic thinking how it  must feel to people  if their language was going to become extinct one day. This thought haunted me for months—eventually I ended up creating Book Maniac (formerly Boi Pagol - but with more global touch).



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